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Prime At 6538 | Membership
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Prime@6538 Membership Rules, Regulations and Facilities Usage Policy


PRIME@6538 Facilities are to be used as a private club with members and guests entitled to benefits of membership. The membership fee is assessed annually, price will be published at time of renewal. Guests are allowed with a current member and must sign a guest registry. Possession of weapons or illegal substances are strictly prohibited. The establishment, PRIME@6538, or its staff do not accept any responsibility for members or their guests while they are on premises, in route to or from the establishment. This membership entitles each dues paid member to use and enjoy the establishment and its hospitality, not to abuse them. PRIME@6538 reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is intoxicated or undesirable, this discretion being left solely up to the management. PRIME@6538 does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. By acknowledging this agreement, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this membership. Any abuse of rules set by the club will be subject to revocation of membership.

Rules and Regulations

  1. You must be 25 or older to apply. Anyone seeking basic membership must fill out a membership application and pay a membership fee.  Membership will last for one year.  To renew membership, a membership application must be re-submitted along with the member fee. Basic membership entitles the member to the following benefits:
    1. Discount event tickets
    2. VIP Membership and PRIME VIP Memberships also require a completed membership application. Membership will last for one year. To renew membership, a membership application must be re-submitted with membership fee. Call PRIME@6538 for more information.
  1. Membership cards are issued for use of the named bearer only to gain access to the club.
  1. All persons who agree to these membership rules will have an approved membership and shall be issued a membership card.
  1. Members are allowed to sponsor guests provided they arrive and depart the club together.  Guests will likewise adhere to, all rules and regulations of the club. Members are fully responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  1. Only members in good standing, and their guests, shall be admitted to Prime@6538.
  1. Failure of a member to pay the annual fee will result in the termination of membership.
  1. A membership may be suspended or terminated by Prime@6538’s managerial staff for failure to comply with PRIME@6538’s policy or State ABC Laws and/or any of the following
    1. Misuse of membership card for its intent.
    2. Refusal to cooperate with instructions of management or adhere to rules and regulations of the club.
    3. Use of an illegal substance or participation in an illegal activity.
    4. Fails to adhere to all laws of the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission.
    5. Disturbance caused or created by Member/Guests.
    6. Willful abuse to the club facility, staff, employees or premises.
    7. Any other acts deemed inappropriate by management that may be detrimental to the club or other members.
  1. Any member in good standing, or their bona fide guests, shall be entitled to use the facilities during hours determined and posted by Prime@6538. Prime@6538 shall have the right to lease all or part of the facilities to or through a member for a group or company private party or special event, the proceeds from the rental to insure the benefit of Prime@6538.
  1. Persons in an intoxicated condition will not be allowed to enter or remain in Prime@6538 or on Prime@6538’s property, and no alcoholic beverage sales will be made to intoxicated or underage persons.
  1. Boisterous or indecent conduct will not be allowed in Prime@6538 or on Prime@6538’s property, and will be grounds for membership termination. If you’re boisterous or indecent conduct leads to making a mess unbecoming of a lady or gentleman, you will be subject to a fine that will be added to your tab. If you break something, you will be charged to replace or fix what has been broken.
  1. The stage is only for those invited upon it by the (insert name of people i.e. Band Leader, Host/Hostess/MC etc…)
  1. Our parking lot is private parking lot and it is monitored.
  1. By completing the membership form and paying your basic membership fee, you will be granted full membership to Prime@6538 with a membership card. If we cannot read your application, or you do not enter required information, your membership cannot be processed.
  1. If you’re inside a “private club” and an ABC officer asks to see your membership card, you need to be able to show it or qualify as someone’s guest.
  1. Other rules and regulations governing membership may be promulgated by the managerial staff after posting notice at Prime@6538.